Cundalini Left-Handed Beer Holder

Cundalini Left-Handed Beer Holder

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Beer Cooler, Stubby Holder, Beer Rubber, Coldy-Holdy, Coolie, Can Cooler, Coastie, or Coozie (as our friends in the USA know them) - call 'em what you will - if you love beer, then treat it with respect. Protect it from the heat emanating from your clammy hand with the patented Cundalini Left-Handed Beer Cooler - fully adaptable for right hand use*. (Right-handed conversion kit and training manual not included.) 


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* May contain traces of nuts.


    Oh come on - it's self-explanatory, surely...?


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  • Beer Cooler SHIPPING INFO

    If dispatched on their own (with no other products) - up to TEN Beer Coolers can be sent for the same shipping cost as ONE beer cooler .

    If dispatched with other merchandise there is NO extra charge for including beer coolers in the package - as long as it does not push the total weight beyond the limits for that category/weight.