Cundalini's 40th Anniversary T-shirt

Cundalini's 40th Anniversary T-shirt

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It's Cundalini's 40th Birthday! I know - I don't look that young, but I was born at a very early age....  



Cundalini likes QUALITY so there are no 'el cheapo’ blank T-shirts sold here.

#1. this is a high quality ‘AS Colour’ brand T-shirt. ‘AS Colour’ T’s fit well, hold their shape, and maintain the image far better than lesser brands.

#2. Cundalini T’s are screen printed – not lasered – screen print images ‘pop’ much more than laser print.

Color: Black

    Top quality AS Colour brand T-shirt - not yer boxy cheap crap...!!!


    All products are described accurately and honestly. No returns accepted, unless under extraordinary circumstances, and then 1, at the discretion of Cundalini,  2. shipped at the purchasers expense 3. within 14 days of purchase.Please choose sizes carefully - see the supplied size guide for assistance.



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